Put Your Career in High Gear

By Rania M.

When we go to work, we all have a particular style. In fact, if you took a look around your office right now, you could probably identify a lot of patterns and classify people into several groups. You have those who are just there – literally. There are employees who work well with others, and those that perform better alone. You have some well liked people, and every office has some of those that everyone prefers to avoid! No matter where you work, life in the corporate sphere has many lanes. If you want to get your career moving in the fast lane, but aren’t sure about how to move ahead, there is actually a lot you can do to accelerate your progression.

You may not feel it right away, or all the time, but your reputation in the work place is quite critical. Colleagues and managers will often pick up on your vibe, and thus draw conclusions about your commitment, performance and your drive. Almost everything you do can impact how you move up on that corporate ladder – so here are a few things to keep in mind so you can get the ball rolling and keeping moving forwards and upwards.

Show up rested and ready. Never go to the office looking like you are running out of the house to get something on a Saturday morning, while still in your pajamas. Your image speaks to everyone before you even open your mouth. So, take the extra time to look polished and presentable – this is a reflection of you. People will take you more seriously if you dress the part and after all, we all have access to clean clothes, deodorant and a hair brush!

Keep the negativity to a minimum. Even though it is so hard at times – try not to make a lot of negative comments. We have all been there when the bonuses get cancelled, the working day goes into overtime, or that one colleague won’t stop unloading all of their work onto you! Being negative can bring you down, and it can get around that you have been making comments. Try to be positive and if that is too tough, then for the most part be as neutral as you can, and do the venting to a friend or family member not at the office. Words travel like wildfires at work!

Play fair. Don’t throw anyone under the bus – do not take credit for something that is not yours and definitely do not tell on anyone. Try to encourage  and commend your co-workers, it will make them and you feel a lot better and more motivated.

Take initiative. If you have some downtime, which we all  always do – don’t just sit there and start shopping online. If you have a few pressing personal things to sort out ok, do it then get back to work. Ask if anyone needs help, clean up your desk – or even tackle that horrendous storage closet, it will be noticed and appreciated.

Always do your best and give it your all – even if it is not the type of project you want to be working on. The sign of a good leader is one that can act fast, efficiently and be adaptable.

Take note of the good ones. There are some people around you that you could learn a lot from. Speak to those who have had a good career, and get some insight.

Network, network, network. In the office, out of the office, all over the place. Networking is a great way to not only move ahead but meet new people, discover new career opportunities, expand your database and perhaps even bring in new business. Make those connections and you won’t be sorry. This will also come in handy when you may need a type of service at work and you have someone reliable that you could recommend, which is great.

Admit when you make a mistake – but stand up for yourself if you need to. We all make mistakes and this is not a bad thing – but how you handle yourself and deal with the damage control says so much about your character, and it shows your co-workers that you have the confidence to admit when you are wrong and the skills to fix it.

Don’t be afraid. Fear is something that most people can detect. If you show up, do your best then you have nothing to fear. Don’t be shy about asking for that raise that is long overdue – or about speaking to your superiors about your career path and what you can do to excel and move ahead. It is a competitive, but thrilling and thriving scene in the professional world, so make your mark and never be too afraid or too shy to shine!


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